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Cycling Calories to Burn Fat Faster

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“Scott, should I cycle my calories when wanting to lose body fat as fast as possible for a June Vacation? So far I have lost 10 pounds of fat and I know the next 15 pounds will be hard, does metabolism just stall out after eating low calorie which for me is 1,250 calories daily?”

Yes, you should raise caloric intake at least one day per week from high quality food sources to optimize metabolic rate during a rapid fat loss effort. Dr. Serrano and I use what we call a High Calorie Day at least one time per week with clients using the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse within the 88 Day Burn Cycle. The body does catch on to a low caloric intake and slows down fat burning to protect you against starvation. We are cavemen in modern clothing, so to speak, because the body is a finely tuned survival machine and responds to certain signals accordingly.

How to Raise Calories to Maximize Fat Burning

Raising the intake of organic dietary fats from Saturated (grass fed beef) and monounsaturated (extra virgin olive oil) is a great way to optimize metabolism without gaining body fat. The body responds very differently to an influx of carbohydrates vs. an influx of organic dietary fats from many perspectives including insulin levels. Insulin which can be sent through the roof from a high intake of carbohydrate is the most potent fat storage hormone. As a result, keeping insulin levels steady is more ideal to maximize fat burning. The right sources of dietary fat can increase caloric intake while having a milder impact on insulin levels.

meal including grassfed beef and healthy fats

The High Calorie Day is one of several proven strategies built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and 88 Day Burn Cycling to help clients Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just Three weeks for multiple cycles. Email for free copies of the program files and support.

The High Calorie Day Food Choices

We suggest using 3 meals on a high calorie day to accommodate more food intake from grass fed beef including ribeyes, new york strip steaks, filet, flank steaks and more, cage-free eggs cooked in grass fed butter along with guacamole or sliced avocados, and more to boost metabolism but to also increase fat burning enzyme levels. Consume an unlimited amount of green vegetables and add grass fed butter as well as spices to taste. Using 3 meals on the High Calorie Day contrasts to the other 6 day so the week using 2 meals as part of a flexible fasting protocol.

Scott Mendelson, fit woman using ropes on beach as exercise

Intense Exercise Should be performed on the High Calorie Day to Maximize the Fat Burning Benefits of the Protocol. The best forms of exercise to perform are weight training and high intensity interval sprint movement such as battle ropes.

The Mental Edge

Over the last 15 years, clients have reported that the High Calorie Day creates better mental and physical energy levels for the following several days. This is due in part to an increase of quality of food, but also due to the right dietary fats providing an energy source for the body as nature intended.

The 88 Day Burn Cycle

Performing the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Followed by the Day 22 Carb Load and repeated 4 times for a total of 88 days forms the 88 Day Burn Cycle which routinely helps clients lose 40 or more pounds of body fat during that course of the time. Strategies including flexible fasting, caloric cycling, dietary fat loading and Targeted Carb Loading keep fat burning in high gear throughout the 88 day period!

Email to discuss your individual situation and goals. Ask for a free copies of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse, High Calorie Day Meal Plan and 88 Day Burn Cycle!

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Scott Mendelson

Author of the 100% Fitness Solution eBook and Director of Infinity Fitness is a highly regarded performance nutrition and training specialist. In addition to designing customized programs for his celebrity, weekend warrior and executive clients, Scott works daily with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA. Scott has built an excellent reputation providing effective supplements, cutting-edge information and unmatched service to thousands of clients worldwide since 1999.

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